Art. 1 – Type of Event
TRANS VARAITA BIKE is a 4 day Mountain Bike Enduro sports competition organised by VIGOR CYCLING TEAM. The race format is “Rally - Enduro” with transfers and special stages, mainly downhill. At the end of each day the ranking will be updated.

Art. 2 – Dates and race locations
18 August: Brossasco
19 August: Pontechianale
20 August: Sampeyre
21 August: Bellino

Art. 3 – Conditions of participation
Trans Varaita Bike is open to registered and non-registered adult athletes. Non-registered athletes (foreign or Italian) must acquire insurance for € 40.00 at the time of sign up. They will then need to send a copy of the competitive medical certificate for MTB sporting practice along with a copy of an identity document to
All types of muscle bicycles 26, 27.5, 27.5 plus, 29 and fatbike are admitted to the competition. E-BIKES are excluded.

The competitor acknowledges:
- that despite the clear commitment of the organisation to guarantee the participants the maximum safety reasonably possible, there are still residual risks (also called "sports risks") that cannot be eliminated as they are intrinsic to the discipline of Mountain Bike itself;
- to be aware that many other people will participate in the event, whose level of cycling skill and technique is unknown, and that therefore there could be crowded situations on the route that could increase the risk of accidents and collisions between participants
- that they have chosen to participate in the event on their own initiative and under their own personal responsibility, aware that as in any sporting event there could be risks of injury or accident;
- to take full responsibility for the so-called "sporting risk", making this decision with conscience and reasoning. They are therefore considered solely responsible for running the Mountain Bike in the context of the event in question, both during the event and within the territory, obviously considering that this responsibility applies both to oneself and to third-party users
Each competitor must be completely self-sufficient and cannot receive external assistance for the duration of the race. An approach to competition suited to one's technical abilities and athletic preparation is recommended. It is highly recommended that each driver has their own insurance to cover any eventuality.
By completing the registration, all competitors fully accept these regulations and accept the contents of the attachments.

Art. 4 – How to register/refunds
Registration must be done online on the website by completing the appropriate form in its entirety and using the payment tools provided. For athletes not in possession of the FCI / UCI membership, the purchase of the additional service for the insurance card is mandatory.
In case of non-performance of the event for reasons not related to the Organisation, it will be care of the same to proceed with a partial or total refund of the registration:
- Cancellation by 30 June 2022: refund of 90%;
- Cancellation after 01 July 2022: the organisation reserves the right to decide the reimbursement fee based on the expenses already incurred.
Once the payment is concluded, in the event of inability to participate for personal reasons (e.g. accidents), if the communication is given to the organisation by 01/03/2022, a refund of 70% will be provided. If the notification of inability to participate is made by 01/07/2022, a refund of 50% will be provided. After this date, no registration will be refundable. Foreign athletes who had to give up the competition due to restrictions on travel across the border for reasons related to COVID-19 will be able to move the registration to the 2023 edition, but not obtain a refund beyond the conditions indicated above.

Art. 5 – Entry fee
The ASD Vigor Cycling Team is a non-profit Amateur Sports Association; the registration fees to be paid by the athletes must be understood as individual contributions from the competitors to cover organisational costs.
The registration fees for the year 2022 are as follows:
- Christmas offer from 08/12/2021 to 26/12/2021 - 250 €
- Standard registration from 12/27/2021 to 07/24/2022 - 280 €
Registrations will close on Sunday 24/07/2022
The fee includes: one meal per day (dinner on the first day and lunch for the remaining days), insurance, timing chip, medical assistance in the event of an accident, race pack and refreshments along the route.
Places available: 85

Art. 6 – Sign in and pack collection
Each bib will be delivered individually to each competitor upon presentation of:
- Registration voucher received by email;
- Identification document;
- Copy of valid medical certificate (in case of purchase of additional insurance service);
- FCI / UCI card;
- € 50.00 for the timing chip deposit;
The bib must always be visible for the entire duration of the race. Sponsors must not be modified or hidden.
Race numbers: the assignment of race numbers takes place following the order in which the entries are received, the numbers will be reassigned following the prologue.

Art. 7 – Mandatory equipment
All types of muscle bicycles 26, 27.5, 27.5 plus, 29, fatbikes are admitted to the competition. E-BIKES are excluded.
Clothes and luggage
- Technical mountain bike clothing for a 4 day race. It must include warm clothing suitable for cold, rain and wind. Keep in mind that the climatic conditions will be those of the high mountains. During the race we recommend a windproof jacket and a raincoat with a water column of at least 2000 mm and a spare long-sleeved technical shirt.
- A basic toolkit to repair basic faults during the race. Each day, the riders will be able to stop in the paddock area where technical assistance will be available to repair any faults, but these can also occur during the stage.
During the race (required)
The organisation will carry out a TECHNICAL VERIFICATION of the athletes' material and it is mandatory that each participant has:
• GPS with loaded tracks
• Full-face helmet (allowed with removable chin guard)
• Knee pads
• Gloves
• Backpack with water bag of at least 2 liters capacity
• Sunglasses / mask
• 2 energy bars and 1 energy gel
• Whistle
• Thermal blanket
• Windproof and waterproof jacket
• Long-sleeved thermal technical shirt
• Bike spare parts: 2 air chambers of the wheel, pump and dropout dimensions suitable for the bike model
• Multifunctional Toolkit
• Recommended (not mandatory): small first aid kit
• Double torch for the night competition
For the stages of Pontechianale and Bellino a second thermal layer is mandatory both at the top and at the bottom.
Lycra garments are not allowed.
For the stages of Pontechianale and Bellino a second thermal layer is mandatory both at the top and at the bottom.
Competitors who, following the inspection, prove to be without this material, in whole or in part, may be penalized by adding from 1 to 5 minutes to their race time, depending on the severity of their lack.
It is mandatory to have a mobile phone with you, to be traced or to contact the organisation in case of problems during the race. During the briefing the race management will communicate the telephone number to contact in case of emergency and this number will also be shown on the number plate that each competitor has applied to their bike. It is also mandatory to record this number on your mobile phone, indicating it as "Trans Varaita Bike".
In the event of an accident, it is the duty of each competitor to provide assistance to the competitor in difficulty and, if necessary, to notify the emergency services using the number indicated. The competition management will reserve the right to penalize or disqualify competitors who do not comply with this rule, who may also incur the penal consequences associated with failure to provide assistance.

Art. 8 – Course of the days
Day 1 - Sign in is scheduled from 9:00 am to 10:30 am, followed by the welcome briefing and then at 11:30 am the transfer to reach the start of the prologue will begin. Once the prologue is over, the team will return to the paddock area for the assignment of the new race numbers, which will remain so until the end of the event.
We will start again at 2.00 pm for the transfer of the first stage. Once completed, we will return to the paddock area for afternoon activities, to arrange the bike and helmet with the lights (two mandatory) necessary for the night test and to exchange first impressions while waiting for dinner.
7.30 pm departure to reach the night stage which will be the same as the prologue with the addition of an urban section.
Day 2, 3, 4 - The following days will begin at 8.00 am in the paddock area with the briefing and the activation of the timing chips. The various stages will have 1, 2 or 3 timed trials per day. In all transfers there will be refreshment points with mineral salts, water and food. At the end of each stage there will be lunch and the awards ceremony for the sponsored competitions and competitions of the day.

Art. 9 – Timing
The timing will be carried out with the SPORTident system (used for the EWS). Competitors will start at one-minute intervals and will be responsible for the device for the entire duration of the event. The loss of the chip, for any reason, will result in full compensation of the cost of the chip equal to € 50 (to be deposited at sign in).

Art. 10 – The course/environment
The competition takes place on a marked track, mainly downhill, with sections pedaled in a medium / high altitude environment (for a substantial part of the route above 2500m).
The tests are marked with start and end signs, direction and danger indications, in order to guarantee maximum information on any "technical" points of the route.
Cutting taped sections of the track will result in immediate disqualification. In the event that a competitor were to leave the webbed track unintentionally, they are required to re-enter it from the same point and restore the torn webbing, otherwise risking the penalty of immediate disqualification. To avoid any cuts along the route, some surprise checks may be provided. In the stretches of open field or where it is possible to cut the path, "gates" will be installed which must be crossed, under penalty of disqualification. These "gates" will be manned by marshals who will check the transit of all competitors.
In order to ensure maximum safety, there will be a number of marshals along each course to ensure coverage of the route. The marshals present on the route perform the sole function of increasing safety and guaranteeing rapidity in providing assistance and are not required to give directions on the route.
The presence of medical personnel for first aid and radio control points will also be provided. It is forbidden to make changes to the course by competitors before and during the competition.
The organisation reserves the right to modify the route in the case of bad weather and, in any other case, to ensure the safety of the competition.
It is forbidden to be transported, pushed or pulled by motor vehicles during transfers. Any transgression implies immediate disqualification.
The special stages will be secret for all competitors. The data relating to km and elevation gain will be available on the website: the evening before the race and will be contained in the race book delivered at sign in.
The participants will cover the track one at a time and the starts will take place with one minute intervals for the first 20 athletes, 30 seconds from the 21st athlete. The departure from the paddock area will be mass-start. At the discretion of the organiSation, it is possible to change the time intervals between the riders departing for the special stages.
To allow rescuers to reach any injured competitor along the race track, this can also be suspended, or cancelled, with the competitors who will pass, but will not be timed, or the route will be diverted with appropriate indications from the race managers to reach the end of the race.

Art. 11 – Weather conditions
The race will take place in all weather conditions. In the event of major weather phenomena (strong storms, fog, etc.), the organisation reserves the right to make changes to the route even at the last minute in order to eliminate any dangers or conditions of severe discomfort for the participants. Any changes will be communicated to the participants and reported by the staff. The new METEO MONVISO system will be active for athletes, which can be consulted for approaching the race.

Art. 12 – Safety/medical assistance
On the course, at the start, at the arrival of the timed trials and in the most dangerous points of the course, there will be marshals ready to lend help and call for help.
There will be a professional rescue team made up of 6 people, 1 doctor and 1 health and 2 4×4 vehicles for medical assistance.
GPS tracker and a complete Race Book will be provided via the Whatsapp group. It is mandatory to use a GPS device with the loaded tracker. However, the transfers will be partially marked (arrows at the crossroads).

Art. 13 – Refreshments/meals
Along the transfers between the special stages there will be refreshments with food, sweet and savoury, water and mineral salts. Each transfer has 1 refreshment or more than 1.
At the end of each stage there is a meal included in the registration fee (dinner on the first day and lunch on the remaining days).

Art. 14 – Maximum times

Transit at the start of the special stages is considered with a crossing point. These stations are open for 1 hour after the departure of the first competitor. In the event of an accident involving the temporary suspension of the competition, the closing time will be delayed by the time of suspension of the test itself. Transit within 15 minutes of closing will be counted as a delay. Beyond this time, the athlete will be disqualified.
If a competitor does not finish a day of competition, they can, if they wish, participate in the following stages, being included in the daily ranking, but not in the general one.

Art. 15 – Changes to the route, race times or cancellation of stages
At the discretion of the organisation, it is possible to change the route that also provides for the partial or total cancellation of stages or individual trials. The organisation may vary the start times of the stages and tests for external reasons, without this entailing any right to refund the registration fee.

Art. 16 – Withdrawal of competitors
Each competitor who withdraws from the event is required to notify the race management.
Competitors who retire must join the race staff, and in any case remove the number plate from the bicycle or cross the number with an X.

Art. 17- Race pack and prizes
Each athlete will be given, upon sign up, a race pack containing technical products and food made available by the sponsors.
At the end of each day, the competitor who is ranked 1st in the overall standings will be assigned the leader's jersey and must wear it the following day under penalty of disqualification.
At the end of the 4 days they will be rewarded with technical and food products:
- the first 10 classified of the overall;
- The first 5 women;
- The athlete coming from the farthest place;
The winner of the overall ranking will be awarded a voucher for free registration to the next edition. This prize is not transferable.
There may be special prizes for the winners of the individual stages, special stages or for particular merits.
Participants will be classified in a single Overall category. The classification will be the result of the total time of all the special stages.
The awards will be given at The Rifugio Melezè di Bellino at 3:00 pm on Sunday 21 August 2022.

Art. 18 – Penalties
Each athlete may, at the sole discretion of the competition management, be disqualified if even one of the following situations occurs:
Cutting of the marked route, or failure to pass a control point;
Lack of required mandatory material (penalty or disqualification will be at the discretion of the competition judges);
Leaving any type of waste on the route, outside the areas used for refreshments;
Insults or threats to organisers or volunteers;
Use of means of transport in the race;
Failure to help a competitor in difficulty.
Athletes who pass beyond the opening time of the special stage (1 hour after the start of the first competitor) and within 1 hour 15 minutes will suffer a delay equal to one minute of passage beyond the opening time of the stage. The passage beyond 1h and 15 minutes from the opening of the test will result in disqualification.

Art. 19 – Image rights
By completing the registration:
competitors authorise the organisation to use for free, without territorial and time limits, images, both fixed and in motion, of themselves participating in the event;
Each competitor expressly renounces to make use of the rights to the image during the stage as well as to any recourse and / or action, in any location, against the organisation, its members and its authorised partners, for the use of its image.

Art. 20 – Disclaimer of Liability
Participation takes place under the full responsibility of the competitors who, by registering, exonerate the organisers from any liability, both civil and criminal, for damage to persons and / or property caused or derived by them and for further consequences that occur following the race.
At the time of online registration, in order to complete the registration, the runner signs a release of liability.
Participants undertake to respect the rules laid down by the Highway Code.

Art. 21 – Privacy and personal data information
The data provided will be used only for the activities contextual to your registration and for commercial purposes on the products of the sponsoring brands of the event. This includes the possibility that they can be communicated to people involved in the organisation of the event. However, the data will not be disclosed to third parties. The authorisation to process data can be revoked at any time - in this case we ask you to notify us by email at the following address

Piasco, 25/11/2021
This document may be subject to changes and additions at the discretion of the organisation.