Technical Info


it's a fun challenge, not just a race

The race’s format is a multi-stage enduro race with blind timing sections. Each day will have an average of 30/40 km with 1200-1700 m of climbing and 1200/2400 m of descent. Stages could have from 1 to 4 timing sections (PS) with alpine trails marked in the dangerous sections and mandatory gates (that must be crossed) in the wide sections. The timing will be managed by SPORTident system and the riders can start the PS when they want without following the order. Classes: Men/Women

You will enjoy this high-altitude adventure with the highest safety. You’ll find marshals at the start, finish and protecting some difficult sections on the timing sections. We hope we don’t have to use them but in any case we’ll have a professional rescue team formed by 4 people, the nursery and 2 4×4 vehicles for medical assistance.We’ll give you GPS tracks and a complete Race Book, and remember that you must use your GPS with the tracks uploaded even if the transfer sections will be partially marked.


The most important thing is your happiness to live this adventure with new friends and a lot of fun. Nevertheless the race’s format is a no-stress format, the goal it’s end the race without injuries or mechanical truble that don’t allow you to end the race.


  • Full suspension All-Mountain/Enduro bike, featuring 140-160 mm of travel front/rear. Although rigid bikes with enduro geometry are allowed,  too.
  • Spare parts for the bike to prevent the lack, in technical service, of very specific spares, such as the GEAR MECH/DERAILLEUR HANGER. Remember to bring with you all material you consider unique for your bike and that you won’t be able to get from the mechanical service.


  • Mountain bike technical clothes for a 4-day race are necessary: it must include warm clothes for cold, rain, and wind to protect you against high mountain weather changes in the Alps. During the race, we recommend a windstopper and waterproof jacket with a water column rating of at least 20.000 mm, and a spare long-sleeved technical shirt.
  • A basic toolkit to repair basic faults during the race. Each day, riders will be able to stop in the paddock area where technical assistance will be available to repair any faults, but these can also occur during the stage.



During the race (mandatory)
During the race, a TECNICAL CHECK will be carried out on the riders' material and:
  • GPS with race tracks uploaded;
  • Full face helmet,knee pads and back protector (integrated in the backpack is allowed);
  • Long gloves;
  • Backpack or a hip pack with a water bag or a bottle of at least 1 lt capacity;
  • Sun glasses/goggles;
  • 2 energy bars and 1 energy gel for each day;
  • Whistle;
  • Thermal blanket;
  • Windstopper and waterproof jacket;
  • Long-sleeved thermal technical shirt;
  • Bike spares: 2 tubes of your wheels dimension, pump, and gear mech/derailleur hanger adeguate for your bike;
  • Multitool;
  • 2 lamp (one on the helmet and one on the handlebar) for the night stage;
  • Recommended (not mandatory): small first-aid kit;

Riders found without this material during the inspection will have a penalty.