Trans Varaita Bike will take place from 24th to 27th August 2023. There will be 4 days of competition, starting from 24th August. Each stage will have 2/3 specials with pedalled transfers and portage. The last day of competition will be 27th August and the registration fee also includes lunch for this last day.

What’s the registration criteria?

You have to be fast not only on your bike, but at the moment of registration, too. Be fast to secure a spot! The first 85 riders who complete the registration process with the payment will be in the race. Registration open on 15th December, 20:00 (GMT+1)

I must to be affiliated with a federation to race at the Trans Varaita?

It’s mandatory to have a personal insurance for mtb racing, if you don’t have one you must purchase the additional insurance service at the time of registration. Then the athlete have to send the medical certificate for MTB competitive practice to the email info@transvaraitabike.com with an identity document. You must send the documents at least three weeks before the race (within the 3rd august 2023).

Can I sell my registration or change the name?

No name change is possible and the registration is personal and not salable.

There is a refound policy in case a rider cannot take part to the race?

Yes, the refund policy is regulated by art. 4 of the regulation.
If a rider cannot participate at the event for personal reasons (e.g. accidents) the refund policy is the following:
    • if the communication is given to the organisation within 30th April 2023, a refund of 90% will be provided;
    • if the notification of inability to participate is made within 30th June 2023 a refund of 50% will be provided;
    • From 1st July no refund will be possible.


When I have to get to the starting point for the first stage?

All participants must sign in and collect the race packs from 9:00 am to 10:30 am on 24th August at the Segnavia Porta di Valle Bar Café, in Brossasco, where you will find a welcome breakfast. The first day lunch will be charged to the riders, while dinner will be included in the registration fee and will be eaten before the night stage.

Which meals are included in the registrations fee?

On 24th August the welcome breakfast and the dinner are included (not lunch)
On 25th August the lunch and the happy hour party are included
On 26th August the lunch is included
On 27th August the lunch is included
Everyday you will find a food station on the transfer between the PS.

How to arrive at Trans Varaita Bike?

If you arrive by car you can park in the parking of the Segnavia Porta di Valle Bar Café. If you arrive by plane, you should land in Turin Caselle Airport on 23rd August and leave in the evening of August 27th or in the morning of 28th August. If you come by plane we advise you to rent a car or a van, in order to be independent in the transfer from the hotel to the paddock area day by day.


Trans Varaita Bike it’s only for pro-rider?

No! It’s an event open to all trained riders, and remember... It’s a fun challenge, not just a race!

How much physical and technical is this event?

You have to be trained and used to high mountain weather conditions. You have to be used to push or carry the bike from 30 minutes to 2 hours and riding long descents. You don't have to be superman or superwoman to come to the Trans Varaita Bike!
You need to know that you will be in the high mountains and that the weather could change in a few minutes, for these reason the material is very important.
For stages it’s necessary to have a medium-high level of riding on the high mountain singletracks and enduro trails. All difficult sections will be previously signed and patrolled by marshals and alpine rescue. You can pass it by your bike or by foot. The most important thing is to avoid dangerous falls.
We calculate an average of 5/6 hours on the bike every race day, with an average of 30-40 km and 1200-1700 meters of climbing and 1200-2400 meters of descent.

Can I race Trans Varaita bike with my E-bike?

No, but if you want to enjoy the valley with your E-bike and ride some of the trails of the previous editions, you can book a trip on the website of 4Guimp Travel!

What do I need to bring with me?

All you need is the desire for adventure and fun. Despite the competitive format of the event, the most important thing is to finish the adventure without falls and mechanical problems that force you to abandon the race.
In terms of bicycle, you need:
    • Full or front bike with Enduro/All-Mountain geometry. Fatbikes are allowed, while E-bikes are not allowed;
    • Spare parts for your bike, because they may not be available at the mechanical workshop. We recommend you to bring with you the parts that are not easy to find.
About clothing and equipment, you need to have:
    • Technical mountain bike clothing for a 4 day race that includes warm clothing for cold, rain and wind. In fact, you will be in a high mountain climatic environment. During the race, we recommend a windbreaker, a waterproof jacket and a spare long-sleeved technical shirt;
    • A basic tool kit for repairing technical faults. Mechanics will be in the paddock area, but breakdowns can also occur far from them;
During the race, a TECHNICAL CHECK will be carried out on the riders' material and everyone must have:
    • Full face helmet, knee pads and back protector (integrated in the backpack is allowed);
    • Long gloves;
    • Backpack or a hip pack with a water bag or a bottle with at least 1 lt capacity;
    • Sunglasses / mask;
    • 2 energy bars and 1 energy gel for each day;
    • Whistle;
    • Thermal blanket;
    • Windstopper and waterproof jacket;
    • Long-sleeved thermal technical shirt;
    • Spare parts for bikes: 2 air chambers of your wheels size, pump or CO2 cans and 1 gear derailleur suitable for your bike model;
    • Multitool;
Recommended (not mandatory): small first aid kits.
Riders found without this material during the inspection will have a penalty.

In addition, it’s mandatory to have two lights, one on the helmet and one on handlebar for the night stage.

What timing system does Trans Varaita use?

The system used is the internationally recognized SPORTident system (official EWS). Each rider will wear a chip which must be activated every day at the race office before the start. This system allows riders to start each course whenever they want with no scheduled start times. All riders must follow Marshals' instructions in every phase and area of the course.
We remind you that whoever loses the chip, for any reason, will lose the deposit paid at the time of the check-in (50€).

What happens if I can't complete or I want to skip a race day?

If a rider cannot complete, or decide to skip a day of competition, the following day he will be able to compete again and appear in the daily ranking, but not in the final ranking of the event.

Program of competition days:

The first day (24th August) the check-in and the race pack collection is scheduled from 9:00 am to 10:30 am, the welcome briefing it’s schedule at 11:30 am, than the race will start with the prologue transfer. Once the prologue is over, riders will return to the paddock area for the assignment of the new race numbers and plate, which will remain the same until the end of the event.

The race will re-start again at 2:00 pm for the transfer of the first stage. Once complete it, we will return to the paddock area again for the afternoon activities. It will be possible to arrange the bike and helmet with the two lights (mandatory) necessary for the night stage and exchange first impressions waiting for the dinner.

At 7:30 pm riders will leave to reach the night stage which will be the same as the prologue with the addition of an urban part.

The following days the meeting will be at 8:00 am in the paddock area with the briefing and the activation of timing chips. The various stages will have 1, 2 or 3 PS per day. In all transfers there will be food stations with mineral salts, water and food. At the end of each stage you will have lunch and the awards ceremony of the day.

The final awards ceremony and party will take place on the last day at approximately 3:00 pm.


Where can I sleep?

From the 1st of February it will be possible to book the accommodation in hotel, you will find here on the website the form for the reservation. You can also live your adventure sleeping in your van or in a tent.

Which hotel it’s agreed with the event?

It’s the Hotel residence Torinetto in Sampeyre, in the middle of the valley, in a good position. In 20 minutes by car you can reach all the paddock areas except for the Sampeyre stage that could be reached directly by bike.

Where can I stay with my tent?

The valley has some camping areas, the best one to move and reach the paddock areas of each day is placed in Sampeyre, you can book a place at Camping Val Varaita

And with my van?

The valley has some areas where you can stay with your van. For the first day you can stay in the parking near the paddock area. For the second day you are obliged to stay in one of these areas if you don’t want to receive a fine: (link aree camper). For the  Sampeyre stage you can stay in the parking at the bottom of the chairlifts station (posizione). For Bellino day you can stay in the parking near the paddock area (posizione).

Do you need more information about the race? Write us at
and we will reply as soon as possible